Unique Shipibo handmade jewelry and tapestry from deep Amazon

Imagine getting your loving person a very special present like Shipibo handmade bracelet or just Paiche earrings? What about Shipibo tapestry as a home decor?

And all that is coming to your home straight from Amazon rainforest to your doorstep?

You are on the right place, not only your gift will be more than special, unlike others, but you will also contribute great community of people, especially amazing women of Shipibo Conibo tribe that create this pieces for over 1,000 years.

Here you can find their mystic Shipibo pattern on the tapestry, Ayahuasca vine bracelets and earrings that is all crafted by hand, piece by piece making it very rare and unique present.

Our products are from deep Amazon rainforest made by Shipibo women and every single one of them is different than the other.

Shipibo women showing tapestry she made herself


Bracelets, Earrings, Shipibo tapestry and much more to come...

Fashion has no boundaries and it is interesting how traditional craftsmanship and patterns can blend in the modern fashion culture.

All items here can be worn on any occasion giving you new dimension of genuinity, uniqueness that will make you stand out amongst the others while keeping the essence of the nature and mysticsm that we owe to the remarkable handcraft of the creators of all our items.

It is inspiring that those pieces and patterns survived thousands of years and many cultures, we are proud to show them and offer to the world, now.

By supporting the creators we achieve a balance that is important as those pieces are rare but yet we make them available for unique people that understand the importance of the sustainability in life and what is most important, support those communities in peruvian Amazon that are facing global challenges and enabeling their culture to offer us more of their wonderful craftsmanship for years to come.

  • White Paiche Shipibo earrings

    Carved from the scales of the large, iconic Paiche fish of the Peruvian Amazon, these unique earrings will truly connect you with the Amazon River. This flower design will look good at any occassion.

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  • Shipibo ayahuasca feather necklace

    Ayahuasca vine and feather handmade necklace

    Our Roots and Ritual Ayahuasca vines are grown, nurtured and harvested in peruvian Amazon. All created in a sacred space by hand from harvest to finish.

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  • red coconut earrings collection

    Coconut handmade earrings from Amazon

    Handmade from peruvian Amazon and made out of coconut shell, it is one of kind piece of jewellery that will make you stand out from the others.

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Ayahuasca and Huayruro seeds bracelets

Handmade bracelets from peruvian Amazon

The Shipibo people, who live close to Pucallpa in the Peruvian Amazon... 

Shipibo beaded bracelet
Shipibo ayahuasca bracelet
  • shipibo tapestry closeup

    Shipibo Tapestry

    The Shipibo are known for labyrinthine geometric designs that reflect their culture and their cosmology.  

  • red shipibo tapestry closeup

    Hand Embroidered Textile

    The main elements of the designs are the square, the rhombus, the octagon and the cross,

  • green shipibo tapestry closeup

    From The Amazon

    The elements  “represents the southern Cross constellation which dominates the night sky and divides the cosmos into four quadrants…”

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