Electrical scooter Chicway S2

An awesome budget option, the award-winning Chicway S2 delivers 15.5 mph and a 15.5 mile range whilst weighing a mere 24.9 lbs. The simple folding mechanism is perfect for taking it on public transport or carrying up flights of stairs. Plus, it comes with an app so you can control every inch of your ride. Made from tough, high-quality materials, it’s a scooter that will last the test of time.


The Chicway S2 motor is putting out a top speed of 15.5 mph. It also has it beat in terms of range, delivering 15.5 miles on a single charge and boasting a frankly astonishing recharge time of only 3.5 hours. Not only are these great specs for the price, but they’re perfect for riders who are after something to suit a short to medium-length commute.

Although the speed and mileage offered as standard are more than enough, if you want to get more from the S2, you can purchase an additional battery pack. It’ll cost you an extra $150 but will boost your top speed to 25 mph and give you an extra 12.5 miles of range. There is one downside: the extra battery pack doesn’t just increase the price but also the weight of the S2. It’ll add an extra 3.3 lbs onto the scooter’s base weight, affecting the portability slightly.

Without the extra battery, the S2 is extremely light, coming in at 24.9 lbs. Made from lightweight aerospace-graded aluminum alloy, this scooter isn’t fragile but instead made from one of the toughest and best quality materials on the market — perfect for everyday wear and tear.

Featuring a foot lever, you don’t need to bend awkwardly to fold the S2 but can collapse the stem over the deck with one swift kick of the foot. The neck clicks into the rear mudguard securely so it can be carried with ease. Being able to fold the scooter so fast is a stand-out feature and makes it easy to take on public transport or carry up multiple flights of stairs if necessary. If you’re anything like me and often have to run for the bus, this is a massive bonus.

The S2 comes with 8” solid non-pneumatic tires, and although they’re quite chunky, they give a poorer ride quality on rough terrain than their air-filled counterparts. Although the S2 comes with front shock absorption which cushions against some bumps and jolts, it’s not enough to provide the same seamless ride you’d get with full pneumatic tires, which are the best option in my opinion. Having said that, by going airless, which makes this scooter fairly low-maintenance.

It shouldn’t be a shock to you that the ES1 isn’t an off-road scooter, nor is it made to climb ambitious hills. With an incline capability of 10%, it’s best to keep this scooter on the flat where you’ll get the most out of the speed and mileage.

As with all electric scooters, safety is a prime concern, especially when it comes to the brakes. But you don’t need to worry about the S2 — you are covered. Featuring dual electric and mechanical brakes, the S2 has the power to stop within 13 inches at 12.4 mph. It also has an inbuilt headlight that provides strong illumination for riding at night. A rear light isn’t included, so if you’re planning extensive excursions in the dark, I’d recommend investing in an additional light to be on the safe side. Although, it is fitted with a rear brake light which is great for letting others know that you are slowing down.

From head to toe, the S2 is a modern scooter. The matt-black paint job gives it an edgy, cool aesthetic well-suited to an urban setting. Plus, it comes with a downloadable app — an awesome extra many other scooters don’t have. If you like to have all your ride data at your fingertips, as well as the ability to switch between the ES1’s three ride modes (Speed Limit Mode, Standard, and Sport), this could be perfect for you. The app also connects to the LED dashboard on the scooter’s handlebars so you can customize it to your own needs as well as keeping track of your speed, mileage, and battery.

Affordable, light, and extremely portable, the S2 is a first-class commuter scooter with a great price tag. Made from top-quality materials and sporting a sleek, modern look this scooter feels more expensive than it actually is. It’s ideal if you’re looking for something stylish and functional to give your commute an injection of fun.

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