STEM robotics for kids

Not so long time ago, you likely learned some STEM skills from playing with Lego blocks. As tech advances, so do the toys. Now, low-tech Legos have combined with high-tech robots to provide hours of fun, creativity, and adventure for budding inventors. Especially if your kids are doing their schooling virtually in the midst of social distancing, they can benefit from some toys that turn learning about engineering, coding, and math into fun. These nine robotics kits will keep kids age 3 and up entertained—and maybe give you some time to get your own work done from home.

In addition to STEM literacy, studies are showing that robotics can encourage other broader skills like hands-on creativity, problem solving, communication, and teamwork. So teaching robotics isn’t just about setting up your kid to have a career as a computer programmer or engineer, but equipping them with tech and problem-solving skills they’ll need for education and work.

And while you may think of robotics clubs as only for middle and high schoolers, research has shown that, when robotics is introduced in pre-K to second grade, children are also able to master basic robotics and programming skills. Many of these robot kits can be given to children as young as 3 years old, while some are more advanced for 8+. Parents who don’t know if their children are interested in a robotics kit can opt for one of the lesser expensive ones under $50, while more expensive options over $100 offer more complexity, as well as the ability to grow and customize as they get older and more experienced.

How We Selected These Robot Kits

The Robot arm kit is an excellent option for beginner programmers, since the small robot can easily be built in just 15 minutes. But even though it’s small and simple to follow the guide, your kids can also make their own DIY build for a unique design. Its gamepad also allows wireless connection so your kid can enjoy playing with it.

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Building Blocks Electric Robot

My favourite robot kit. Offers lots of fun building it with building blocks and rewards you with fun movements and features. This Cosmos kit specifically works in three different configurations or your own mechanical invention. Uses wireless controller so fun is guaranteed.

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Technic Robot

Similar to the previous robot this one features some extra options. 

Having two controllers besides the one provided in the kit you can run it from your smartphone. But that's not all there is Intelligent voice control where you can control this robot with the voice.

Another feature is gravity control which helps the robot to walk in direction of swing.

Using the phone app you can draw route that will be robot path and the robot will follow that route - amazing.

Love this robot as it gives many learning points for your kid. Education and game!

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Remote Control Bluetooth Robotics Learning Kit

Keywish Hummer-bot smart robot car kit is designed for enthusiasts or beginners to get hands-on experience about For Arduino programming, electronics assembling and robotics knowledge
This kit includes HC-SR04 ultrasonic sensor,Infrared barrier, L293D motor drive board, 9g micro servo motor, line tracking module and Bluetooth module, etc. easy for operation and installation.
Working modes: Infrared/ultrasonic obstacle avoidance, Infrared object tracking, Infrared line following, Ultrasonic with servo obstacle avoidance (Detecting in forward, left and right directions)
APP control: Automatically self-built signal hotspot after power on, the user just needs to connect smart phone with the car's hotspot to control the car through an Android app.
CD with the best tutorial including the programs and codes which bring you to the robot.


Definitely features that your kid will enjoy. 

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SunFounder DIY 4-DOF Robot Kit

This cute learning kit focuses on the popular open source platform Arduino. You can learn the knowledge of the Arduino servo and ultrasonic ranging module by applying this kit.

It is a new mobile robot called Sloth developed by our team. Each leg has 2 joints driven by servo. One 9V chargeable lithium batteries are to supply the bot when the SunFounder Nano is used as the control board, compatible with the Arduino Nano. A servo control board connects with the batteries, servos, SunFounder Nano, and the HC-SR04 ultrasonic ranging module. Sloth can move forward and detect the range to make a turn when encountering an obstacle.
In addition, when learning to program, you can also have the fun to build a pretty cool bio-robot by yourself.

There are many other robots with the same learning purpose we have here and we will try to bring more of them as this is an investment in your kid. Growing robotics skills is amazing gift you can give to your kid as we are running into the future in super fast pace and thats why we need to jump in and learn so we can make our future better.

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