Shipibo Conibo handmade products collection

The creation of textiles is a proud component of the Shipibo people's cosmic perspective. It is essential to remember that, on average, a cloak takes roughly 3 months to create. 

Kené: the word "Kené" is Shipibo-Conibo for "design."

Design system that is distinctive and can be seen in pottery, wood, and fabrics. Kené is a feminine craft that is transmitted from mother to daughter and employs supplies from the forest and farmland. It can be put into effect by painting, embroidering or weaving designs.

The Shipibo's worldview led directly to the kené motifs, which, in accordance with their ancestors' beliefs, were influenced by the anaconda which would mix all the different kené varieties on its skin. The Shipibo-Conibo believe it is required to consume the rao plants and ayahuasca, plants that manifest the power of the anaconda, in order to create these designs. Because of their significant influence on the shamanic tourist industry, Kené designs are significant to this community. They also embellish the items that the Shipibo women sell. The kené patterns were designated Cultural Patrimony of the Nation in 2008.