Shipibo art, fashion and tradition

Shipibo art and tradition products

The idea to start store with Shipibo art and fashion products didn't come suddenly, it was my idea for some time.

It is not a large store working on a mass sales and discounts and it will never be.
The reason why is because this is the place to buy a genuine art product, with tradition like the one you are looking for, that no one else has.

Behind our products there are 1,000 years of Shipibo tradition.

Having them is when you become part of their unique tradition and art.

That way you express your personality and who you are, by wearing it.

We bring you authentic Shipibo art and tradition to your doorstep

Today market is flooded with cheap products where people work for few dollars a month while retailers are making millions. This store will never sell that kind of products.

We want to support great tradition of wonderful people from peruvian Amazon, Shipibo Conibo community and others in the age of globalisation and deforestation of Amazon when they are forced to leave their homes to have a better life. 

And that's a shame because they have so much to offer, their products, history and unique style that is pure art and wisdom.
My vision is to combine their products like earrings, bracelets, necklaces and even the Shipibo pattern tapestry to popularise throught the fashion.

Combining their tradition with urban wear is incredibly easy and it looks amazing, it's perfect pairing and it matches many styles.

Their tapestries are already decorating homes worldwide and each one is different and tells different story, or actually sings their story or life.

Please visit my Etsy store where you can purchase or just browse traditional Shipibo art products.

This is what this store is all about, if we make it we will offer more, but if not we will always be here to spread the word about their art and craftsmanship worldwide.

Shipibo tradition art pattern tapestry shown by shipibo lady

More about me:

Born and raised in Pucallpa, Peru. Graduated graphic design at Toulouse Lautrec College in Lima, Peru. Moved to USA in 1997 in Miami and later to Los Angeles where i worked for large retail company. In 2011 I moved to Croatia where I live now.

I would be happy to hear from any of you if you have any questions and you can do so by filling up the contact form. 

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Truly yours,

Simy Vargas Rozmanic


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