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Shipibo red seeds and Ayahuasca Vine Earrings

Shipibo red seeds and Ayahuasca Vine Earrings

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Shipibo Red seeds and Ayahuasca Vine Earrings

Handmade crafted with love Ayahuasca Shipibo earrings make a statement

This handmade earrings are made from Ayahuasca vine and red seeds found in Amazon rainforest by Shipibo women.

Handmade Shipibo Ayahuasca with red seeds earrings

By having this Ayahuasca vine Shipibo handmade earrings you support sustainable income for the artisan families, wildlife conservation and local communities.

Unique art and craftwork

Shipibo handmade Ayahuasca earrings are unique by it's origin. Crafted with love and care, they feature delicate designs and intricate detailing. Red coloured seeds give extra attention to it and it is great addition to your jewelry.

A Meaningful Gift

This red seed handmade Shipibo red seed Ayahuasca earrings are the perfect gift for someone special. Show them how much you care with a unique piece of jewelry that captures the beauty of the Shipibo culture.

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The French hooks are made with non-allergenic material.
Please note that these handmade crafts may vary from the photos shown.

More about our product:

Ayahuasca or “vine of the soul” is often compared to an umbilical cord that links us to our true selves.

When combined with other sacred plants Shamans create the entheogenic brew “la Medicina” which is a psychoactive medicine used to communicate with the world of spirits. The old Ayahuasca recipe has been passed down to each generation and it is used for profound healing, personal evolution, divination and as a guide to enlightenment.

Our Roots and Ritual Ayahuasca vines are grown, nurtured and harvested in peruvian Amazon. All created in a sacred space by hand from harvest to finish.

Red seeds and Ayahuasca Vine EarringsTwo Red seeds and Ayahuasca Vine EarringsRed seeds and Ayahuasca Vine EarringsRed seeds and Ayahuasca Vine EarringsRed seeds and Ayahuasca Vine Earringsred ayahuasca and seed earringred huayruro ayahuasca shipibo handmade

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Shipibo women making shipibo patterns on the tapestry

Mystic pattern

Traditional patterns embroidered by Shipibo women are songs, are painted music