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Shipibo Tapestry, Home decor, Wall art, Amazon art 148 x 24.5 cm

Shipibo Tapestry, Home decor, Wall art, Amazon art 148 x 24.5 cm

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Introducing our beautiful Shipibo Tapestry, a handmade decorative tapestry featuring an authentic Shipibo pattern inspired by the traditional shamanic rituals of the Shipibo Conibo tribe of the Amazon. This stunning piece of Amazon art is perfect for home decoration and would make a thoughtful gift for any home.

Crafted from high-quality materials, this Shipibo textile is not only durable but also an ideal altar cloth for shaman tools or as a statement wall art piece. Measuring a generous 148 x 24.5 cm, this Shipibo Tapestry is an excellent size to add a touch of indigenous Amazonian art to your home decor.

Our Shipibo Handmade Tapestry is meticulously crafted by the Shipibo people, who have been weaving and embroidering intricate patterns for generations. Each piece tells a story of their cultural heritage and expertise in creating traditional textiles.

Whether you're an art lover, an interior designer, or simply looking for a unique way to add personality and charm to your home, our Shipibo Tapestry is a great choice. It is perfect for any space, from living rooms to bedrooms and beyond.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to own a beautiful piece of Amazonian culture and add a touch of indigenous art to your home. Order your Shipibo Tapestry today and transform any space into a vibrant and exotic paradise.

By having this product you support sustainable income for the artisan families, wildlife conservation and local communities.

Please note that these handmade crafts may vary from the photos shown.
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Shipibo women making shipibo patterns on the tapestry

Mystic pattern

Traditional patterns embroidered by Shipibo women are songs, are painted music